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ε-Polylysine -- Innovative Solution for Meat Preservation

Over the years, the global meat industry has witnessed bigger scale and more varieties. However, there’re still many producers troubled by food preservation given stricter regulations and customers’ pursuit for healthy food. How to preserve food in summer has become an urgent problem to be solved in the whole food industry.



1. Why Meat Spoil?

(1) Protein decomposition

Amines, produced after protein deterioration and decomposition, are volatile and smelly. For example, putrescine produced from ornithine, tryptamine from arginine, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and ethanethiol from sulfur-containing amino acids, are the main odor substances produced by protein spoilage.


 (2) Carbohydrate decomposition

Carbohydrate deterioration is accompanied by increased acidity, sugar, alcohol, aldehyde, ketone or gas (CO2) depending on different types of food. These substances usually have unique odor.


(3) Fat decomposition

Fat deterioration is accompanied by acid substances and pungent odor, which is common among sausages. After being stored for a long time, the fat gets oxidized, resulting in rancidity.

2. Common Preservatives for Meat Preservation


3. ε-Polylysine -- Innovative Solution for Meat Preservation

ε-Polylysine is a natural and safe antibacterial food preservative produced from microbial fermentation. It can inhibit gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria and yeasts.




* Natural and safe

* Wide antibacterial spectrum

* Wide application

* Good water solubility and thermal stability

* Friendly blend with other preservatives


In addition to meat products, ε-Polylysine can be applied in fruits and vegetables, beans, rice and its products, wheat flour and its products, coarse grain products, condiments, beverages, cosmetics and daily chemical products.

In recent years, ε-polylysine is gaining more attention from the food industry due to its unique properties. Against the background of governments' stricter control on chemical preservatives and increasing demand for healthy food, the application of polylysine and other natural preservatives is expected to keep expanding.

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