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The Prospects of Nisin

1. What is nisin?

Nisin is a polypeptide substance with antibacterial activity extracted from the fermentation product of Lactococcus lactis through modern biotechnology.

Nisin is the first bacteriocin approved by the World Health Organization for use as a food preservative. It has the advantages of inhibiting the growth and reproduction of bacteria, reducing the temperature of food sterilization, low usage, and non-toxic side effects. It is widely used in food fields such as dairy products, meat products, alcohol products, baked foods, and juice drinks.

2. The development prospects of nisin

Nisins are internationally recognized natural preservatives with the advantages of high efficiency, safety, and non-toxic side effects. In recent years, with the change of residents' healthy diet and the stricter market supervision of additives, the global nisin market has developed well and the scale of the industry has continued to expand.

With the continuous deepening of research and the continuous growth of market demand, the application value of the biological preservative nisin is gradually being tapped and developed. In this context, the application fields of nisin have gradually expanded from the food industry to feed additives, animal medicines, flavors and fragrances, animal product processing, cosmetics, and medicine.

The comprehensive advantages of the biological preservative nisin are becoming more and more obvious. With the upgrading of market consumption and continuous strict market supervision of additives, nisin is expected to replace traditional chemical preservatives and become one of the mainstream products in the food preservative market in the future.