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Application of Enzyme Preparation in Food Industry

In recent years, the development of the enzyme preparation industry has shown a prosperous trend. The reason is that food safety has become a hot topic of people's attention and discussion. Natural food additives such as enzyme preparations and their green food pretreatment methods are highly sought after by consumers. On the other hand, the pre-treatment methods of enzyme preparations are highly efficient, specific and safe, and are favored by food processing enterprises.

1. Advantages of using enzymes in industry

Enzyme preparations are widely used in beverage industry, dairy industry, baking industry, aquatic products and meat industry and oil processing industry. The enzymolysis of enzyme preparation can greatly improve the structure and quality of food. For example, in the process of juice production, pectinase can be used to make the juice more clear. In the dairy industry, lactase can promote the decomposition of lactose into galactose and glucose to avoid diarrhea caused by the lack of lactase in the body. And cheese can produce a lot of flavor substances through the decomposition of lipase. In addition, protease can tenderize meat food and increase the taste of meat.

2. Application of enzyme preparations in food production

Enzyme preparations are mainly used in food production to produce a large number of natural additives. For example, in the sugar industry, amylase is generally used to hydrolyze starch to produce glucose and maltose that are in large demand in the food industry. In the field of functional foods, protease and other enzyme preparations are mainly used to decompose proteins to produce a large number of amino acids, peptides and peptones, which greatly promote human health.