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All Natural Preservatives for Cosmetics

Bacteria, fungi and yeasts will grow in cosmetics during the period of storage without the assistance of preservatives. Much like keeping food fresh and safe, preservatives play a crucial role in keeping our cosmetics safe. This includes optimizing the elements of packaging, processes and ingredients, so the end product can meet all the safety requirements.

ε-Polylysine molecules are cationic, surface active agents in water due to their positively-charged amino groups. This property imports many benefits when used as an ingredient in cosmetics and personal care products.

ε-Polylysine is widely used in personal care and personal cleansing products, such as lotions, masks, sprays, moisturizers, essences, gels, sunscreen lotions, liquid foundations, sunblock lotions, milk cleansers, shampoos and hair conditioners.

  • Common Preservatives Used in Cosmetics
  • Organic Safe Preservatives for Cosmetics

Advantages of Cosmetics Preservatives

  • Natural and healthy

  • Broad spectrum of antibacterial

  • Safe and easy to use: readily soluble in water

  • Highly heat-stable and usable over a wide pH range (5 to 8)

  • Friendly blend with other preservatives

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