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Konjac Gum

Konjac (scientific name: Amorphophallus konjac), is a sort of araceae perennial herb, provided with a centuries-old plantation history in the Southwestern and Midwestern regions of China. Its main component is glucomannan (KGM). Konjac gum is rich in water-soluble edible cellulose and trace elements, also has 16 kinds of amino acids, and has the characteristics of low calorie, low protein and low fat.

Konjac gum is widely used in the food industry. For example, it is used in meat products, dairy products, candy, jelly, etc., to improve the texture and structure of the product, improve the taste and the gel aggregation effect. Konjac gum is also widely used in medicine, health care, bioengineering, petroleum industry, textile industry, tobacco processing and cosmetics industry.

Konjac Gum In Food




Ice Cream





Key Benefits of Konjac Gum

  • 01

    function food
  • 02

    low calorie
  • 03

    low protein
  • 04

    low fat
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