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Natural Food Enhancers In Sausages

Product: TG-B

  • Natural Food Enhancers In Sausages
  • Natural Food Enhancers In Sausages

Preparation of Sausages


  • lean meat 70kg

  • fat meat 30kg

  • modified starch 5kg

  • salt 2kg

  • sugar 8kg

  • sodium nitrite 0.005kg

  • sodium iso-VC 0.1kg

  • carrageenan 0.5kg

  • compound phosphate 0.3kg

  • pork flavor 0.2kg

  • five-spice powder 0.5kg

  • ice water 40kg

  • casing for sausages

  • Transglutaminase (sausage binder) 0.3kg


  • meat grinder

  • dicing machine

  • vacuum tumbler

  • automatic sausage stuffer

  • smoking and drying machine

Sausage Production Process

  • Step 1: trim raw meat

  • Step 2: mince meat into small cubes

  • Step 3: tumbling

  • Step 4: filling

  • Step 5: reaction and smoking

  • Step 6: finished product packaging

Advantages of Using Transglutaminase (Sausage Binder) In Sausages

  • Improve gel strength, elasticity and quality

  • Prevent splitting and improve slicing

  • Lower cost by reducing the addition of raw material

  • Increase water-holding capacity and yield

  • Reduce syneresis during storage

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