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Sodium Benzoate

Sodium benzoate, White particles or crystalline powder. No smell, sweet and astringent. Sodium benzoate is lipophilic, easy to penetrate the cell membrane into the cell body, interfere with the permeability of the cell membrane and inhibit the absorption of amino acids by the cell membrane; Enter the cell body, ionize and acidify the alkali storage in the cell, inhibit the activity of the respiratory enzyme system of the cell, and prevent the condensation reaction of acetyl coenzyme A, so as to achieve the purpose of food preservation. Sodium benzoate is an acidic preservative, which has no bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects in alkaline medium; The best pH for anti-corrosion is 2.5-4.0.

Sodium benzoate is often used to preserve highly acidic fruits, berries, fruit juices, jam, beverage syrup and other acidic foods. It can be used with low-temperature sterilization to play a synergistic role

Sodium Benzoate In Food









Key Benefits of Sodium Benzoate

  • 01

    High catalytic activity
  • 02

  • 03

    Wide application
  • 04

    Application flexibility
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