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Natural Food Enhancers In Yoghurt

Product: TG-DR

  • Natural Food Enhancers In Yoghurt Products
  • Natural Food Enhancers In Yoghurt Products

Preparation of Yoghurt Products


  • pasteurized milk 100kg

  • gelatin 0.55kg

  • sugar 9kg

  • transglutaminase (TG 100U) 0.04kg

Are Enzymes Used in Making Yogurt?

Yogurt requires fermentation, and fermentation requires the participation of microorganisms, that is yoghurt enzymes. Because there are a lot of bacteria in the environment, we must sterilize the raw milk and fermentation equipment before fermentation. In fact, making yogurt is not as simple as we thought, it is recommended to practice more according to the production methods recommended by nutritionists or professionals. At the same time, in the production process, it is necessary to sterilize thoroughly, ensure utensils and personal hygiene, so that safe and delicious yogurt can be made. 

Advantages of Using Enzymes in Yogurt Production

  • Reduce syneresis

  • Enhance the gel strength

  • Improve the viscosity and consistency

  • Reduce or replace the usage of emulsifiers or stabilizers

  • Cut cost by reducing proteins and other additives

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