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What is an Enzyme? What Are Enzyme Preparations?

1. Overview of enzyme products

The most important feature of biological life activities is metabolism. All life activities are maintained by the normal operation of metabolism, and various chemical reactions in biological metabolism are carried out under the action of various enzymes.

Enzymes are substances that promote metabolic reactions. Without enzymes, there would be no metabolism, and there would be no life phenomena. The formation and disappearance of every biological substance in nature is completed under the action of corresponding enzymes. The most basic carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle in nature both rely on enzyme reactions to operate.

Enzymes are biocatalysts produced by living cells that catalyze specific biochemical reactions. It is extremely widespread and exists in animals, plants and microorganisms.

2. Introduction of enzyme preparations

Industrialized enzyme preparations are called enzyme preparations. Enzyme preparations are substances with biocatalytic ability extracted from organisms (including animals, plants, and microorganisms) using physical or chemical methods, supplemented by other ingredients, and are still made after processing. 

Biochemicals with catalytic activity are mainly used to catalyze various chemical reactions in the production process. They have the characteristics of high catalytic efficiency, high specificity, mild operating conditions, reduced energy consumption, and reduced chemical pollution.