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After-sale Service

Receiving after-sales feedback from customers

1. Upon receiving customer feedback (e-mail, telephone, fax, etc.), the salesman will record the information in detail and determine the product batch, quantity, specific problems, etc.

2. The salesman will record the detailed information in the Customer Complaint Description From and send it to the quality assurance department for analysis.

Problem Analysis

1. After receiving feedback from customers, the quality assurance department will check the key indicators of reserved samples such as enzyme activity. If problems exist, the company will stop production and shipment of products with similar problems.

2. The quality assurance department, together with technical center, R&D Center and other relevant departments, carry out experimental analysis of the same batch of products (or samples provided by customers).

Post-sale Procedure

1. If problems exist, we will refund money or dispatch qualified products after negotiation with customers.

2. The quality assurance department will lead the relevant departments to review and dispose of non-conforming products in time.

3. Relevant expenses incurred in return or exchange of goods shall be decided by the salesman and customer through consultation.

Response Time

Feedback (written, e-mail or telephone) should be given within 2 working days after receiving complaints from customers.