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Properties of Natural Food Enzymes

Enzymes are proteins that act as biological catalysts and are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Enzyme products create chemical reactions in the body that speed up the reactions. Just as microorganisms contain enzymes that ferment, rancid, and spoil food, healthy, uncontaminated edible plants and animal products have their own enzymes whose activity remains after harvesting and slaughtering. These enzymes are called natural food enzymes.

1. About natural food enzymes

Studies have shown that after 60 years of storage, cereal seeds still have the functions of respiration, germination, and growth, that is, all functions controlled by enzymes. Enzyme activity not only pervades the entire process of many natural and processed foods, but this activity tends to be more intensified after harvest and slaughter. This is because enzymatic reactions are controlled and delicately balanced in functioning plants and animals, but this balance is disrupted when livestock are killed or plants are harvested from fields. Therefore, while pepsin helps digest proteins in the animal intestines, it cannot digest the intestines of healthy living organisms themselves. However, when this body's defenses cease after slaughter, the enzyme protein prompts proteolysis in the organs that contain it. Similar enzymatic reactions can also occur in plants.

Unless these enzymes in the food are inactivated by heat, chemical treatment, radiation or other means, they continue to catalyze chemical reactions within the food. Of these reactions, such food enzymatic reactions are highly desirable if some of them can be controlled, such as post-ripening fruit after-ripening and natural acid-extraction tenderization of cooled meat.

2. Processing and manufacturing of food enzymes

In the 1980s, bioengineering as a new technology developed rapidly in China. Therefore, the manufacture and application of enzyme engineering has gradually expanded to the food industry. Under the background, YIMING BIOTECH established its first manufacturing plant in Jiangsu Province in 1998. Today, we have developed transglutaminase tg. As one of the professional enzyme manufacturers in China, we are the first Chinese company to realize the production of transglutaminase by microbial fermentation after Ajinomoto, and the second company in the world to realize the production of transglutaminase by microbial fermentation . With the increasing popularity of enzymes for food processing, we can provide you with different types of high quality food enzymes.