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Transglutaminase Meat Glue

Transglutaminase meat glue enzyme is an enzyme that is very popular in modern cooks. It is mainly used for two purposes- one is to glue different meats together to achieve special effects (such as modern turducken), another is to create parts of consistent shape and size even cooking for the meat. Transglutaminase meat glue enzyme cross-links glutamine and lysine amino acids, which almost exist in all foods-not only in meat, but also in eggs, nuts or legume proteins.Transglutaminase meat glue enzyme can take effect on any protein that contains glutamine and free amino groups, regardless of whether it is an animal or not.

Transglutaminase Meat Glue Safety

Yes. TG meat glue is safe to eat and is currently listed as yabo2014 (generally considered safe) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved the use of triglycerides meat glue enzyme in meat and poultry products. In addition, the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has verified the safety of enzymes for meat and poultry products developed to reduce sodium or fat content. So far, TG meat glue has proven to be a safe way to combine meat products to meet the needs of our growing population. TG meat glue will not increase or promote the pollution of meat; it will not affect the allergenicity of protein. When the food is thoroughly cooked to a safe internal temperature, this meat glue enzyme will be decomposed, which will also kill unnecessary bacteria, such as escherichia coli or salmonella.

TG Nutrition

1.Transglutaminase meat glue can be safely used with meat to improve the texture of meat or to bond different pieces of meat together. 

2. The most common uses of transglutaminase meat glue enzyme include:

For safety reasons, cook the meat evenly, reduce the added value of waste, and improve the appearance of food; Bundle the meat together (such as sausages without casings); Form new meat combinations (such as beef and bacon);  Use food to produce special effects (eg meat noodles, meat and vegetable pasta, etc.)

3.In addition to meat products, TG meat glue is also commonly found in dairy products, for example, to change the texture of yogurt, and baked products, such as making hard crusts in artesian bread.

The Taste of TG

TG meat glue enzyme is widely used in the food industry. On the one hand, it can be used in meat products, including beef, chicken, and fish products. For example, in the meatball production process, adding TG meat glue enzyme to the meat paste can make the meatballs more elastic. Adding TG meat glue enzyme to the minced meat, after rolling and kneading and other processes, can produce recombinant steaks and chicken chops, which improves the utilization rate of minced meat and reduces waste. On the other hand, TG meat glue enzyme can be used in noodle products, such as dumplings skin containing TG will be smoother and tougher. In addition, TG meat glue enzyme can also be used in soy products, such as the thousand-page tofu we often eat. Because of the role of TG meat glue enzyme, it has a unique taste and is more elastic than ordinary tofu.