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Yiming Biotech - Leading Provider of Natural Food Additives

Yiming Biotech - Leading Provider of Natural Food Additives

As the leading provider of food enhancer, Jiangsu Yiming Biological Technology Co., Ltd. mainly engage in bio-engineering of food additives and ingredients, with product line covering enzymes, colloid, preservatives and others. Looking into the future, it is seeking to enter the field of healthcare, brewing, cosmetic and other emerging markets.

Application of Natural Food Enhancers

Yiming Biotech works with you to deliver the high-quality food enhancer your customers want. When approached with an application need or replacement to an existing enzyme, we will develop solutions that can offer you cost savings and increase efficiency.
Welcome to Yiming Biotech
  • 1995

  • 66000㎡

    Factory Area
  • 3000 Tons

    Annual Output
  • ISO9001E
  • ISO22000E
  • FSSC22000
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Research & Development
Leading Supplier of Natural Food Enhancers
With its R&D center located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, Yiming Biotech has built a research team composed of more than 30 industrial elites.
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  • Company News

    ε-Polylysine, Rising Star in the field of preservatives

    Time: May 20 2024 Reading: 1212 times

    Can it really be called non-preservative additives?With the increasing concern about the safety of cosmetics, the use of preservatives has become a controversial topic in the cosmetics industry. Howev...
  • Introduction

    Properties of Natural Food Enzymes

    Time: Feb 16 2022 Reading: 1267 times

    Enzymes are proteins that act as biological catalysts and are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Enzyme products create chemical reactions in the body that speed up the reactions. Just as microor...
  • Application

    ε-Polylysine -- Innovative Solution for Meat Preservation

    Time: Apr 20 2022 Reading: 1619 times

    Against the background of governments' stricter control on chemical preservatives and increasing demand for healthy food, the application of polylysine and other natural preservatives is expected to keep expanding.