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Yiming Biotech - The Provider of Natural Food Additives

Yiming Biotech - The Provider of Natural Food Additives

As the leading provider of food enhancer, Jiangsu Yiming Biological Technology Co., Ltd. mainly engage in bio-engineering of food additives and ingredients, with product line covering enzymes, colloid, preservatives and others. Looking into the future, it is seeking to enter the field of healthcare, brewing, cosmetic and other emerging markets.
  • Enzymes Enzymes
    Enzymes are proteins that act as biological catalysts, which are non-toxic and environment-friendly. They create chemical reactions in the body and accelerate the reaction rate to help support life.
  • Colloid Colloid
    In the food processing industry, colloid can thicken and tackify food, provide adhesion and gel-forming ability, and help to obtain the desired shape, viscosity, hardness, thickness, crispness of food.
  • Preservatives Preservatives
    Compared with artificial preservatives, natural preservatives are much less harmful to the human body and have advantages of strong antibacterial activity, safety, no toxicity, good water solubility and thermal stability as well as a wide range of applications.
  • Health Care Health Care
    Based on microbial fermentation, our health care products can play a significant role in customers' daily life.

Application of Natural Food Enhancers

Yiming Biotech works with you to deliver the high-quality food enhancer your customers want. When approached with an application need or replacement to an existing enzyme, we will develop solutions that can offer you cost savings and increase efficiency.
Welcome to Yiming Biotech
  • 1995

  • 66000㎡

    Factory Area
  • 3000 Tons

    Annual Output
  • ISO9001E
  • ISO22000E
  • FSSC22000
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Research & Development
Leading Supplier of Natural Food Enhancers
With its R&D center located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, Yiming Biotech has built a research team composed of more than 30 industrial elites.
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