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The Potential of Transglutaminase in the Meat Industry

Transglutaminase is a very good protein modifier, which can catalyze the intramolecular and intermolecular connection and cross-linking of protein, the connection between protein and amino acid and the hydrolysis of intramolecular glutamine group of protein, and improve the function and nature of protein at the same time.

1. The transglutaminase uses have great potential in the meat industry

China's total meat production ranks first in the world, but the volume of meat products only accounts for 6% of the total. From the perspective of 40%-50% of the total meat production in developed countries, it shows that it is in the field of meat processing. There is still great potential. Transglutaminase is an excellent meat product processing improver, and transglutaminase uses have huge application potential in meat products.

2. Advantages of transglutaminase uses

During the processing of meat products, the characteristics of gel formation largely determine the characteristics of the finished product. The use of transglutaminase can significantly improve the quality of the gel, improve the elasticity of the meat, the slicing property and the yield. Therefore, transglutaminase is widely used in the processing of various meat products.

In commercial food processing, transglutaminase can be used as a binder for texture improvement, meat reconstruction and dairy products. Transglutaminase can be used in steaks, fish balls, surimi, ham, imitation Crab meat and so on. As a professional transglutaminase manufacturer, Yiming can provide you with high-quality transglutaminase at a reasonable price. If necessary, please consult.