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Natural Food Enhancers In Beef

Product: TG-MT

  • Natural Food Enhancers In Beef
  • Natural Food Enhancers In Beef

Preparation of Beef


  • beef 100kg

  • water 80kg

  • salt 0.7kg

  • sugar 0.7kg

  • water retention agent 1.98kg

  • isolated soy protein 1.5kg

  • starch 0.4kg

  • flavoring 0.8kg

  • transglutaminase (TG) 1~1.5kg

Production Process of Beef

  • Step 1: mix water retention agent and water, then inject the meat with solution (injection rate reaching 95%~100%)

  • Step 2: vacuum tumbling: tumble for 20 mins every 10 mins and keep tumbling for 60 mins to 90 mins till the meat surface is sticky with no water

  • Step 3: mix TG with water (1:5), then add the solution to the tumbling machine to tumble for another 5-15 mins (more meat, more time needed)

  • Step 4: molding: fill the meat into the casing

  • Step 5: reaction: refrigerate for 3-4h and then freeze

Advantages of Using Transglutaminase In Beef

  • Cost-effective

  • Transform cuts into unified portions with a high-added value

  • Water retention

  • Structured products are thermo-irreversible

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