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Application of Gellan Gum in Food

Ⅰ. The performance of gellan gum

Gellan gum is a polysaccharide gelling agent obtained by biological fermentation. It has the advantages of low dosage, high transparency, strong aroma release ability, acid and alkali resistance and so on. Gellan gum can be widely used in various foods.

Gellan gum in food industry is not only used as a gelling agent, but more importantly, it can provide excellent texture and taste. The gel of gellan gum is a kind of brittle gum, which is very sensitive to shearing force. It melts in the mouth when consumed.

Gellan gum has good flavor release and stable characteristics in a wide pH range. It can be used to improve the tissue structure of food, the physical stability of liquid nutrition, and the water holding capacity of food during cooking and storage.

Gellan gum has good compatibility with other food gums to improve its stability or change its structure. In addition, it can also improve starch to obtain the best texture characteristics and stability.

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Ⅱ. Application of gellan gum

1. For noodles

When gellan gum is applied to Chinese noodles, shepherd's purse noodles, and cut noodles, it can enhance the hardness, elasticity, and viscosity of the noodles, improve the taste, inhibit hot water swelling, reduce strips, and reduce the turbidity of the soup.

2. For soft pastries

Gellan gum is added in pastries such as cakes and cheese cakes, and has moisturizing, freshness and shape retention effects. The appearance is not sunken during processing. After processing, the moisturizing performance is good, even if it is refrigerated, it will not cause aging and sanding.

3. Used for coating or casting of baked products