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TG-MT Binding for Meat

TG-MT is a collection of TG products used to bind meats (beef, pork, poultry, fish meat...) and improve their texture. It allows the addition of up to 35% water and enables manufacturers to transform fragmented meats with little commercial value into standardized portions with a high-added value, which is cost-effective. The finished products are thermo-irreversible and can be cut or diced in any manner, frozen or cooked. There are two ways to use this type of transglutaminase enzyme, one is sprinkling TG over meat, the other is mixing TG and water, then tumbling TG slurry with raw material.

  • TG-MT Binding for Meat
  • TG-MT Binding for Meat
  • TG-MT Binding for Meat
  • TG-MT Binding for Meat

Methods of TG-MT Binding for Meat

Methods of TG-MT Binding for Meat

TG Application in Beef Steak

Key Benefits of TG-MT Binding for Meat

  • 01

    Cost effective
  • 02

  • 03

    Water retention
  • 04

    Flavour not changed
  • 05

    Transform cuts into uniformed portions
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