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Natural Food Enhancers In Chicken Breasts

Product: TG-CK

  • Natural Food Enhancers In Chicken Breasts
  • Natural Food Enhancers In Chicken Breasts

Preparation of Chicken Breasts


  • chicken breast 20kg

  • ice water (a) 8kg

  • salt 0.2kg

  • water retention agent 0.34kg

  • transglutaminase (TG) 0.28kg

  • ice water (b) 1.4kg

Production Process of Chicken Breasts

  • Step 1: prepare raw meat

  • Step 2: mix salt, water retention agent and ice water (a)

  • Step 3: tumbling: tumble for 1h while taking a 25-min break every 10 mins (4°C, 10rpm)

  • Step 4: mix TG with ice water (b), then tumble for another 10-15 mins

  • Step 5: shaping and reaction (4°C, 6h)

  • Step 6: freezing

Advantages of Using Transglutaminase In Chicken Breasts

  • Cost-effective

  • Transform cuts into unified portions with a high-added value

  • Water retention

  • Structured products are thermo-irreversible

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