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Application Methods and Precautions of Enzyme Preparation Feed Additives

Ⅰ. Application method of enzyme preparation feed additive


1. Add directly


Enzyme preparations for feed can be added to concentrated feed and full feed. Most enzyme preparations are solid at room temperature. The content of enzyme preparations required during the use of feed is relatively large. Add 0.2% to full feed and concentrated feed. 


In the process of feed processing, enzyme preparations will suffer a certain loss, and the loss is the largest in feed preparations. Therefore, selecting suitable enzyme preparations in the feed processing process can appropriately increase the addition ratio and achieve better use effects.


2. Used for feed preparation


In feed processing, it is necessary to prepare the use of enzyme preparations before the raw materials are used. For example, it is necessary to use acid protease for treatment before preparing piglet feed in soybean meal. It can be clearly seen that the processed feed has a significant effect on improving the growth and development of animals, and the utilization rate of feed has also been greatly improved.


Ⅱ. Precautions for using enzyme preparation feed additives


1. Strictly unsealing method


In general, enzyme preparations are stored in sealed packages. Once opened and used, they need to be used up within a short period of time, so as not to affect the effect of use due to the reduced activity of enzyme preparation. If it cannot be used up at once after opening, it must be kept tightly closed and used up in a short time as much as possible, so as not to excessively affect the use effect.


2. Maintain the stability of the enzyme


Enzymes are active substances, and changes in enzyme activity affect the effect of enzymes. Therefore, enzyme activity is required to reach a certain standard and always maintain a stable activity.


We can improve the stability of the enzyme through the cultivation and screening of strains and the appropriate addition of stabilizers. In the process of granulation, longer time and higher temperature will affect enzyme activity.


Due to the influence of various factors, it is required that a certain amount of safety must be reserved for the production of enzyme preparations, but the prerequisite must be to determine the enzyme activity and the amount of use, so as to ensure the safety in the granulation process.