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Carrageenans are linear sulfated polysacharrides extracted from certain species of red algae (seaweed) of the Rodophyceae class. These carbohydrates have the ability to form, at very low concentrations, thick solutions or gels in aqueous media.

Carrageenan is usually in the form of off-white to white or tan to yellowish powder, free of odor or taste. The gel is heat-reversible, it can dissolve after heating up and the solution can gel while cooling. It’s steady-going, it may not reduce gel strength and viscosity even long-term placement. After combining with Konjac, Locust Bean Gum and Xanthan Gum, it is able to increase the gel potential with much better elastic.

Carrageenans In Food




Ice Cream





Key Benefits of Carrageenan

  • 01

    Strong stability
  • 02

    natural ingredient
  • 03

    Good Synergy
  • 04

    Health value
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