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Glucose Oxidase

Glucose oxidase (GOX) is a green enzyme obtained by fermentation and purification of the aspergillus fungal strain. As an important enzyme product in the food industry, GOX enzyme is widely used in the deoxygenation of foods such as wine, beer, juice and milk powder, flour improvement, and prevention of unwanted browning and undesired taste, etc. You can also detect wide glucose oxidase uses in quick food detection and Yiming can provide you with high-quality glucose oxidase with a reasonable glucose oxidase price.

Key Benefits of Glucose Oxidase in Food Industry

  • Prompt for stronger dough in bakery

  • Replace bromate and other oxidants

  • Display antibacterial activity when oxygen and glucose are present

  • Prevent undesired browning and undesired taste

Glucose Oxidase in Food Industry

  • Glucose Oxidase In Cosmetic Products

    Cosmetic Products

  • Glucose Oxidase In Dairy Products

    Dairy Products

  • Glucose Oxidase In Meat Products

    Meat Products

  • Glucose Oxidase In Bakery Products

    Bakery Products

The application of glucose oxidase in food processing include:

Oxygen removal/exhaustion in beverages to extend shelf life

Glucose removal in egg powder processing

Bread flour improver or dough enhancer

Prevent food color loss caused by enzymatic reactions and the presence of oxygen