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Application of Lipase in Food Industry

1. Application of lipase

As a multifunctional enzyme, lipase has a wide range of applications in food and other industries. However, due to the different sources of lipase, the diversity and instability of the structure and properties result in the relatively slow research and application of lipase. The immobilized lipase can be reused, improve the stability of the enzyme, and help reduce production costs.

2. Application of lipase in fat and oil industry

Fats and oils are important ingredients in food. Lipase can modify the properties of lipids by changing the position of fatty acids or replacing one (or more) of the fatty acids.

The catalytic transesterification of lipase in organic solutions has many applications: simulated breast milk fat in infant formula milk powder, production of some important polyunsaturated fatty acids, low-cargo high-calorie lipids, and production of biodiesel from vegetable oil. In addition, lipase is also used in the production of corn oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, olive oil and soybean oil.

3. The application of lipase in bread, snacks and cheese:

Application of lipase is widely in the dairy industry, mainly including the enhancement of cheese flavor and maturation time, as well as the lipolysis of milk fat and cream.

Milk fat produces free fatty acids through the action of lipase, which can be used in many dairy products, especially soft cheeses with special flavor characteristics. Lipase is also used in coffee mate to increase the creamy taste.

In bread production, the use of lipase can extend shelf life, control non-enzymatic browning, increase the volume of bread, and improve the structure of bread. 

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