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Natural Food Enhancers In Fish Tofu

Product: TG-B

  • Natural Food Enhancers In Fish Tofu
  • Natural Food Enhancers In Fish Tofu

Preparation of Fish Tofu


  • minced fish 300kg

  • chicken breast 150kg

  • fat meat 100kg

  • ISP (paste) 145kg

  • modified cassava starch 30kg

  • corn starch 30kg

  • ice water 200kg

  • salt 15kg

  • phosphate 1.5kg

  • sugar 10kg

  • glucose 10kg

  • monosodium 3kg

  • transglutaminase (TG) 1.5kg

Advantages of Using Transglutaminase In Fish Tofu

  • Improve texture and elasticity

  • Prevent splitting

  • Reduce cost by reducing raw material

  • Increase water-holding capacity and yield

  • Reduce syneresis in storage

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