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Application of Natural Food Enhancers

  • Meat
    Transglutaminase (TG) performs as a meat glue with strong binding force in the food processing industry. It can transform cuts into uniform portions with a high-added value, enhance texture, gel strength and elasticity of meat as well as improve water-holding capacity and yield. It can be applied to the beefsteak, sausage, ham, meatball, etc.
  • Poultry
    With Transglutaminase (TG), chicken meat can be transformed into chicken breast, roulade, meat ball and other uniform portions thanks to its strong binding force. In this way, water-holding capacity can be improved, yield can be increased, costs can be saved. The structured products are thermo-irreversible.
  • Premium Seafood
    Transglutaminase can be used as a binding agent to recombine fish meat, scallops, shrimps, etc.. Curdlan can be used as a food thickener and texture improver for fish balls, fish cakes and surimi-based products. In this way, the product value will be increased.
  • Dairy
    Whey protein and casein are good substrates for transglutaminase (TG). Adding TG can promote the interaction of casein as well as the combination of whey protein and casein. In this way, syneresis can be prevented, viscosity and consistency can be improved, and cost will be saved by reducing the usage of emulsifiers, stabilizers and other additives.
  • Beverage Preservatives
    Our preservatives can be used in fruit drinks, alcoholic beverages, sodas and other beverages to inhibit spoilage due to microbial contamination such as common yeast, mould and some bacteria generally found in beverages. In this way, shelf life can be extended.
  • Cake Preservatives
    Moldy foods are unsightly, have off-flavors and are often dangerous. Some molds cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems or produce poisonous mycotoxins. Our preservatives can slow the growth of spoilage organisms in baked goods and limit changes in color, texture and flavor.
  • Sauce Preservatives
    Sauces are very easily deteriorated due to microbial contamination in the process of production, storage and using. With a broad antibacterial spectrum, our preservatives can ensure the good quality of products and extend their shelf life.
  • Cosmetics Preservatives
    Bacteria, fungi and yeasts will grow in cosmetics during the period of storage without the assistance of preservatives. Much like keeping food fresh and safe, preservatives play a crucial role in keeping our cosmetics safe. This includes optimizing the elements of packaging, processes and ingredients, so the end product can meet all the safety requirements.